“ We really welcome to your visit to HANGIL ENG CO.,LTD. ”

HANGIL ENG CO.,LTD. has grown with our customers, meeting the diverse needs of the global market with innovation in technology and spirit of challenge.

HANGIL ENG CO.,LTD.'s range of equipment selection is not limited and the range of equipment selection is now well loved by our customers at pumping sites in each country thanks to the establishment of an optimal design differentiated from the existing manufacturers and excellent open/closed pumping system with reliability proven through the unceasing efforts and dedication of executives and employees who have built knowledge and experience in each field,

HANGIL ENG CO.,LTD., based on the know-how built through these experiences, is conducting technology transfer projects with partners from all over the world in terms of design knowledge of the structure and engineering related to production technology.

HANGIL ENG CO.,LTD. for the better future than now, will step forth the future global market where new values can be created through constant research , development and technology development. We will keep going with our customers with sincerity and faithfulness.
Thank you for your much love and interest in our company.